Get Access To Your Team’s Free WhiteSpace Digital Course

Unburden your Talent Let WhiteSpace bring your high-achieving team better results and less distractions

Get Access To Your Team’s Free WhiteSpace Digital Course

Want to increase effectiveness and efficiency through WhiteSpace?


Here is your simple plan:

Step 1

Have each team member sign up above, to access the three-lesson digital mini-course. There is no limit to your access, so you can share it with every member of your company or organization!

Step 2

Go through one short lesson per week together with your team, taking time to do the interactive activities. Spend just a few moments after each lesson discussing the applicability of the content. This will take under 20 minutes per week.

Step 3

Meet on the fourth week to brainstorm changes you’d like to make within your organization.

Each Digital Lesson Contains:



Each three-minute video contains clear instruction, engaging delivery and the perfect portion of actionable content.

Interactive online activity

Interactive Online Activity

Our online interactive activities help learners connect their real lives and jobs to the concepts, and find places to apply each tool.

Memory sheet

Memory Sheet

We’re so burnt out from our busyness it’s hard to rememberanything. A simple one-page memory sheet of each core conceptwill help.

WhiteSpace Core Content

The Thieves of Productivity


The WhiteSpace Simplification Questions

Is there anything I can let go of?
Where is good enough, good enough?
What do I truly need to know?
What deserves my attention?

The NYR Codes

NYR- Need your response
NYRT- Need your response today
NYRQ- Need your response quick
NYR-NBD- Need your response next business day